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Zetor Major

Model 80



Type Stage III A Zetor 1105

Homologated Power 2000/25 ISO (kW / HP) 55,6 / 76

Rated Speed rpm (1/min.) 2 200

No. of Cylinders 4

No. of Valves 8

Aspiration turbocharged

Bore / Stroke (mm) 105 / 120

Displacement (ccm) 4 156

Max Torque / Torque Reserve ECE R24 (Nm/%) 317 / 30



Type 2 plate, dry, mechanical control

Diameter (mm) 280 engine/280 PTO

Lining cerametallic /organical


Type mechanical

Shifting fully synchronised

No. of Gears 12 / 12

Speed (kph) 30


Type dependent/independent

Rear PTO Rotations (rpm) 540 / 1 000



Type mechanical with positional and power regulation

Point Hitch category II

Lift Capacity at the end of Lower Links (kN) 26

Operating Pressure (MPa) 18

Hydraulic Pump Capacity (l/min) 50

Hydraulics Quick Couplings 1 pair +1

Hitch System swinging drawbar, quick adjustable hitch



Seat SC 80 COBO

Steering wheel adjustable



Steering hydrostatic

Travelling /parking brakes wet, disc, mechanical control /mechanical control

Trailer Brakes optional


Weight 4WD (kg) 3 090

Length (overall) 4 212

Width over rear mudguards (mm) 1 860

Height to exhaust mouth (mm) 2 656

Wheelbase (mm) 2 210

Front wheels 2WD /4WD 7,5–15 /11,2 –24

Rear wheels 2WD /4WD 16,9 – 28 /16,9 – 30



connecting shaft cover


flash beacon

PTO 540/540E

additional quick couplings - 2 (pairs) + 1

air trailer brakes - 1 hose

rear wheels 2WD 14,9-28


Zetor Forterra

Engine Models: Zetor 1005, Zector 1305, Zetor 1405, Zetor 1505, Zetor 1605


Engine Power: 95, 105, 115, 125,135


Engine Aspiration: All turbocharged


Transmission Type: Mechanical, hydraulically controlled three-speed power shift


Gears forward/reverse: 24/18


Speed: 40kmph


PTO Shaft Type: Independent, ground speed standard, multi-plate PTO clutch


Hydraulics Lift Capacity: 58.5kn


Hydraulics SVCs: 3 sets standard, (6+1 remote outlets), 2 sets optional


Steering: Hydrostatic


Service Brake: Wet Disc Brake, Hydraulic control


Standard Front Tyres: 420/70R24


Standard Rear Tyres: 520/70R38

Zetor Proxima

Model: Zetor 7205, Zetor 1105, Zetor 1205, Zetor 1005


Engine Power: kW/HP 47,6/65 56,3/77 64,3/87 70,4/96


Engine Aspiration: All Turbocharged


Clutch Type: Dry, dual-purpose, hydraulic control


Transmission Type: Mechanical,


Transmission Shifting: Fully synchronised


Speed: 2WD cab models (30 kmph)/ 4WD cab models (40 and 30 kmph)


Hydraulics Type: mechanical, top link draught sensing


Lift Capacity: standard 42kn


SVCs: 2 SCVs / 3 SCVs


Service Brakes: Wet disc brake, hydraulic control,


Standard Front Tyres: 280/85 R24 340/85 R24


Standard Rear Tyres: 420/85 R30 420/85 R34

Zetor Proxima Plus

Model: 85, 95, 105


Engine Power: HP-DIN 88, 99, 109


Engine Aspiration: All Turbocharged


Clutch Type: Dry, single plate, hydraulic control


Transmission Type: two-stage power shift


Transmission Shifting: Mechanical shuffle, fully synchronised


Speed: 40kmph


Hydraulics Type: Mechanical, top link draft sensing


Lift Capacity: 41.5kn


SVCs: 3 sets of remotes standard


Service Brakes: Wet disc brake, hydraulic control, four wheel braking


Standard Front Tyres: 380/70R24, 380/70R24, 480/70R34

Zetor Proxima Power

Model: 1205, 1005, 1305, 1405 Model units 90,100,110,120


Engine Power: kW/HP 64,3/87 70,4/96 78,4/107 86,2/117


Engine Aspiration: All Turbocharged


Clutch Type: Multi disc wet clutch


Transmission Type: three-stage power shift


Transmission Shifting: Fully synchronised


Speed: 40kmph


PTO Shaft Type: live/ground speed, wet multi-plate PTO clutch


Hydraulics Type: Mechanical, top link draught sensing


Hydraulics Control: Position, draught, mixed


Lift Capacity: 42kN


SVC's: 3 set of remote standard


Service Brakes: Wet disc brake, hydraulic control


Standard Front Tyres: 380/70 R24


Standard Rear Tyres: 420/85 R34 480/70 R34

major forterra proxima proxima-plus proxima-power

These high-quality tractors will help you do the job quickly and efficiently. We will advise you on the best model to fit your needs so you can be sure you've made the right choice.

Option 1: Zetor Proxima Power 120 & 100 (specs)


4 Years 0% Finance & 4 Years Warranty

Finance Offer Based On 50% of Retail Price (4+44 monthly payments)


Option 2: Zetor Proxima Power 120 & 100 (specs)


4 Years Warranty & Air Conditioning @ No Extra Cost

2 years 0% Finance

Based on 50% of Retail Price (4+20 monthly payments)


4 Years Warranty & Electrohydraulics @ No Extra Cost

2 years 0% Finance

Based on 50% of Retail Price (4+20 monthly payments)




Option 3: Zetor Proxima Plus 100 (specs) c/w ZL46 Loader 


(Complete with 1x Attachment)


4 years warranty (Tractor only)

2 years 0% Finance

Based on 50% of Retail Price (4+20 monthly payments)

Attachments choice from 1.8m bucket, 1.5m muck fork, Pallet forks or bale

spike. Alternative Finance options are available.

Zetor Forterra brochure Zetor Proxima brochure Zetor Proxima Plus brochure Zetor Proxima Power brochure Zetor Major brochure HSX2013-0075-8bit(1) HSX2013-0043-8bit(1) HSX2013-0057-8bit(1) Zetor Crystal 2015

Zetor Crystal 160



Stage IIIB type: TCD 6.1 L6

Homologated Power (2000/25/EC) [kW/hp]: 120.1/163

Rated Speed [rpm]: 2,100

Number of Cylinders: 6

Number of Valves: 24

Aspiration: Turbocharged

Fuel Injection System: Common Rail

Bore/Stroke [mm]: 101/126

Displacement [cm³]: 6,057

Cooling: Viscous fan clutch

Maximum Torque (2000/25/EC) [Nm]: 739

Improvement of Torque (2000/25/EC) [%]: 36




Type: 5-stage synchro shuttle with automatic 3-stage multiplier

Reverser: PowerShuttle – under load at 10 kph

Shifting: Fully synchronized

Number of Gears (F/R): 30/30

Speed [kph]: 40




Type: Bosch electro-hydraulic system with Hitchtronic, 2 auxiliary cylinders

Three-Point Hitch: Category III

Control: Electronic

Max. Lifting force [kN]: 85

Operating Pressure [MPa]: 20

Pump Capacity: 85

Outer Circuits Tapping (Quick-coupling): 6+1 (zero)

Hitches: Modular CBM hitch system




Spring mounting: Fixed / Spring-mounted

Openable Roof with Hatch: Standard

Seat: Zetor seat with pneumatic / mechanical springing

Passenger Seat: Standard with safety belt

Steering Wheel: Tilting / Telescopic

Air-Conditioning: Yes

Noise [dB]: 73.2




Drive System: 4WD

Front Driven Axle: Fixed / Spring-mounted (optional)

Steering: Hydrostatic

Service/Parking Brakes: Service – rear 5-disk brake with automatic connection to front driven axle

Parking – mechanically operated service brake mechanism

Front Brakes: No

Trailer Brakes: Hydraulic/Pneumatic – single hose, double hose

Max. Front Ballast [kg]: 900

Max. Rear Wheel Ballast [kg]: 472

Tank Volume [l]: 300

Front Mudguards: Swivel

Heated Mirrors, Rear Defroster: Yes

Pre-Wiring for Radio: Yes




Operating Weight* [kg] 4,800 – 5,840

Max. Length [mm] 4,670

Max. Width [mm] 2,550

Max. Height [mm] 2,970

Wheelbase [mm] 2,840

Front Wheels ** [mm] 540/65R28

Rear Wheels ** [mm] 650/65R38

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