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ATV Equipment

Add functionality and value to your Honda ATV. We stock a wide range of equipment that will further customise your vehicle and adjust it to your needs.

CTF250 Contact 2000 Weed Wiper

2.5M wide, offers a revolution in contact weed control. It features a unique contra-rotating brush application that provides excellent plant contact due to its "combing" action, with bristles retaining high levels of chemical. Only targeted weeds are treated resulting in tremendous cost savings. Gang options are available, 5m and 7.5m are possible.


To make weed control easier, we offer ENDURAMAXX ATV sprayers. Various volume capacity available, fitted with pressure regulator & gauge for accurate spray control.  Controlled spraying means you sprayer the correct volume of herbicide onto weeds.  Choose from a range of booms to suit your application.


These toppers offer a robust design, low drawbar load and easy height adjustment.


We offer sheep and multi-purpose trailers. They're user-friendly and practical.

Logic Multi Feeder

Feeds livestock accurately and quickly.  Bulk feed is loaded into hopper and dispensed in measured heaps at a chosen distance apart.  Remote control counts number of drops.  Easily altered drop amount.  Avoids wastage- creates stress-free feeding.  Capacity 320kgs.


Contact us for more information. Call 01723 870 966.

Carry box

We offer front and rear carry box for your Honda ATV.

Sheep trailer

Contact us for more information about our range of sheep trailers.

Other equipment for your ATV

We also offer other accessories and equipment for your ATV, including:

  • Logic weed wipe

  • Spreader

  • Dog mat

Tracker - provider of stolen vehicle recovery

Protect your asset in the event of theft. With Tracker installed, your asset will be in safe hands! How does Tracker work?


ACTIVATE: Once you notify the police and confirm to TRACKER that your asset has been stolen, we will activate your unit.


TRACK: Using our proven VHF technology, the police can begin to track the stolen asset.


LOCATE: Tracking computers on-board police cars and aircraft can locate your stolen asset - even inside a container or lock-up.


SECURE: Once located, TRACKER will send a uniformed guard to wait with the asset (mainland Great Britain).


RECOVER: Once secured, TRACKER will arrange for a recovery company to collect and return your asset to you (mainland Great Britain).

3 5 6 ATV-Equip--Enduramaxx-Sprayer-on-ATV

Logic ATV Snowplough

1.4m wide manual lift snowplough with rubber wearing strip.  Blade can be angled left or right.  URL: www.LogicToday.co.uk


Essential equipment for our severe weather conditions. Contact Geo. Agar for more information.


Logic Rotary Mower

Standard Features

  • 1.2m cutting width

  • Briggs & Stratton 12.5hp engine or Honda engine (13hp)

  • Triple cutting blades

  • Simple cutting height adjustment from 35mm - 175mm

  • Offset drawbar facility

  • Remote throttle

  • Safety engine ‘kill switch’

  • 50mm swivel tow hitch

  • Flotation wheels

  • 20x7-8



  • Electric start (with Honda engine only)

Logic Flail Mower

Standard Features

  • For heavy-duty/tougher topping tasks

  • 1.2m and 1.5m cutting widths available

  • 16hp Briggs & Stratton ‘V’ twin engine

  • Emergency engine ‘kill-switch’

  • Easy height adjustment

  • Quick off-set draw bar

  • Anti-scalping roller

  • Wheels alongside for easy towing/balance

  • Wheels behind variant available: allows closer cutting to walls/fences. (NB This option significantly increases weight on draw bar so please ensure towing vehicle is suitable).

  • Trail behind any suitable vehicle



  • Electric start

  • Remote throttle

  • Fine grass blades to give lawn finish

  • Flotation wheels/tyres (wheels alongside models only