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Teagle Tomahawk

Feeder Bedders

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Teagle Tomahawk Feeder Bedders

Teagle Tomahawk 8100

  • Swivel chute

  • Spreads up to 20 metres

  • 60HP Minimum tractor PTO

  • 0% finance available


Tomahawk 8100 

  • Feeding and bedding

  • Baled and clamp silage

  • Spreads up to 20 metres

  • Dual chop version - 8150


Tomahawk 7100

  • Spreads straw up to 20 metres (2 x 4' round bales, 2 x 5' round bales with tailgate extension or any 8' rectangular bale.)

  • Feeds baled silage(capacity one bale)

  • side & swivel chute options

  • Dual chop version - 7100SC-R

High-Spec Mix Max Diet Feeders

  • Increased animal performance

  • Less reliance on expensive bought in feeds

  • Greater use of home grown products

  • Complete control of individual rations

  • Quicker more convenient feeding

  • More contented stock

  • Cost-effective way of feeding straights and natural energy source such as molasses

  • Higher profitability

We offer muck spreaders in various carrying capacity. We also offer a unique Marshall rear discharge spreader range. Call us for more information.

Marshall muck spreaders

Marshall QM range monocoque trailers

The Marshall monocoque trailers have been extremely popular over the years and with the success of this range, customers have started to look for increased specifications. The TAILORED 4 YOU model allows you to request 4 'extras' to the QM models to create a unique, tailored for you product.

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We have a wide selection of agricultural machinery available. Our experienced staff will offer you more information and advice on various models and their suitability for the job.

marshall-60th Agric--Machinery----Teagle-8100

Hi Spec Slurry Pump

  • 7’ 6” depth (2.285m)

  • Quick attach 3 point linkage

  • Hydraulic top link

  • Heavy duty PTO shaft with shear pin

  • Safety platform

  • Galvanised finish

Pottinger Torro Silage Wagon

The high-performance TORRO fulfils all your needs in cost-effective silage harvesting. Powerful, robust and strong with a high output – that’s what you’ll get from these machines.

URL: www.poettinger.at

Marshall Trailers

Bale Trailer Range

The basic construction methods and materials used in our BC range ensures that every model conforms to the heavy duty build standard of all Marshall products.


Chassis Design – every model benefits from heavy-duty channels to form a square chassis design that improves rigidity and reduces flexing during loading.


Bed Design – the entire range has a no-cost option of 30mm treated pine floors or non-slip chequered plate steel floors.  The side runners and floor bearers are constructed from box section to improve strength and remove any places where water could sit.


21” Fixed Headboard – standard on all models. Except our BC/18, this also dramatically increases the rigidity of the trailer.


Features: - The finishing touches:

  • Harvest Ladders

  • Rope Hooks

  • Commercial Grade Light units

  • Rear crash barrier

  • Rear toolbox

Pottinger Torro Pottinger Torro1 Twose SIP Mower_350x300


A wide range of Harrows available

Trailed - 10 foot and 12 foot, Mounted - 12 foot, 14 foot, & 16 foot.

Harrows Spring tine harrows

Pottinger LION

Ex Demo. Pottinger LION 303.12 Power Harrow. PTO shaft 1000rpm, Tine Quick Fix tool free & Toothed packer roller. Only £7,900 + VAT.  For further information please contact us to discuss.


Teagle XT48

Bout Width : Up to 12m

Capacity : 1350 litres




  • Also suitable for spreading grain, grass and seeds at a reduced bout width.

  • Both models available in band spreading configuration.

  • Outstanding reliability - 3 year parts warranty

  • Professional finish - Powder coated with stainless steel spreading components

  • Quadruple Overlapping Spread Pattern - minimum risk of striping

  • Straightforward setup - simple rate and pattern adjustment

  • Easy to clean - removable flexible plastic hopper